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You Know, For Kids: Yanks-O’s Gamer I

Jeremy Guthrie is hurling for Baltimore. The Yankees have faced Guthrie seven times, six with him as a starter, including three games in the 2008 campaign. Guthrie took the loss in his final four starts last year and had a disappointing spring and WBC. He’s arguably the strongest of the starters in a rotation of which “questionable” would be a generous description. C.C. Sabathia is on the mound for the Yankees against the Orioles at Camden, and here’s hoping the weather is forgiving. NOAA is 50/50 on rain and thunderstorms, with the wind blowing at a steady eleven out to right, but Pete sez the sun is out and tarp is off.

Fingers crossed.

Lineups from lohud:

New York Yankees

Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Hideki Matsui DH
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Xavier Nady RF
Bryan Ransom 3B
Brett Gardner CF

C.C. Sabathia LHP

Baltimore Orioles

Brian Roberts 2B
Adam Jones CF
Nick Markakis RF
Melvin Mora 3B
Aubrey Huff 1B
Ty Wigginton DH
Luke Scott LF
Gregg Zaun C
Cesar Izturis SS

Jeremy Guthrie RHP

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I know it all evens out, but I hate the fact that the Yanks get to open against the O’s and their ridiculously bad pitching staff while the Sox have to face the Rays and their formidable top three.

Yeah, it does even out, but TBH I’m not crazy about the Yanks not getting a home game until 4/16.

I have Guthrie in one of my leagues. I didn’t think he was #1, and also, awful way to start out my fantasy season. I hope!

At least the Yankees get sufficient off-days at the end of the season. The Sox get 20 games in a row to finish up, yikes.

Anyone watching on the new Gameday? It seems to have more lag than it did last year.
The new is sleek and awesome though.

Sad the game isnt even sold out…
Would you keep going to O’s games year in and out to support an owner who obviously doesn’t care about winning any longer?

Well, it is the home opener, which really, if not another game in the season, should be sold out..
But I know what you’re saying.

yeah, I get it, but maybe not even selling the home opener is an indication of how fed up with the Oriole organization the fans are. Imagine what a hot, miserable, mid-july game against the Blue Jays is going to look like?

Jeter gets a hit but ends up not scoring. Best possible scenario for this Sox Fan who has him on his fantasy team.

“Yanks down 1-2-3 in the first. They clearly will have the worst season of all time.”
I think you may be a little rusty Paul, Jeter had a leadoff basehit….

And now the wild pitch puts the runners in scoring position and eliminates the double play possibility. Wow. Good times for Sabathia thus far.

Nady strikes out.
I don’t want Nady to suck TOO bad because that would lead to more at-bats from Swisher. Just a nice pace of mediocrity would be very helpful…

Cody Ranson realizes he’s playing in the first game in the new Yankees stadium, and promptly pees himself.

Of course, as well all know, Sabathia is a horse who can throw 200-pitch games and 350 innings per year without any adverse effects. :-)
It’s the power of the tilted-cap Paul!
In other news, the Orioles are giving Sabathia more 1-pitch outs.

Sabathia has found the strikezone, and Jeter and Gardner are both batting 1.000.
I need Red Sox baseball now damnit!

Hey, we’d be commenting on the Sox game but it got rained out. Rooting on the Orioles is the next best thing.
Watch the O’s come out of nowhere and win the East this year.

Since 2004, the Orioles are 69-54 in the month of April, a .561 winning percentage.
Maybe the Sox got the better end of the scheduling after all!

Baseball picked a good day to return. Looks like I’m going to be at the office until 7:30, so at least I get to watch some baseball.

I’m not watching the game live because I’m blacked out (stupid Virginia’s close proximity to Maryland). I’m just seeing the gameday stuff like you are.

As always, I’m going to complain about GameDay’s reliance on in-season stats for the first week of the season. It’s totally useless to me to see Greg Zaun’s .000 batting average up there.

Pitcher’s best friend ends the inning. 67 pitches after 4, lucky to have only given up 3 runs.

Tex walks on a pitch GameDay thinks was a clear strike. Maybe both pitchers getting squeezed. Or GameDay is on crack.
Either way, Guthrie’s smart for working carefully. Matsui’s a much easier out.

Tex with a walk, even though all four balls were borderline. At least the ump is consistently bad.
Thankfully Matsui pops out in foul territory.

Roberts on base for the third time today. The Orioles hitters have really been sitting his CC’s fastball.

Another hit, runners at the corners with no outs. Let’s see if Jones forces the issue by stealing second. You gotta test Posada’s arm here.

Call me crazy, but I’d try the double steal here. I have no confidence that Mora is in any way a good hitter, no matter how great he was last season.

Mora, with a big “F-you” to Paul, singles. Bases loaded for those two fat white guys who used to play for Tampa.

Continuing a theme, I have no confidence in Aubrey Huff’s ability to even hit a baseball, let alone make solid enough contact to plate a run.

Awesome. Let’s try this again.
I have every belief that Ty Wigginton can’t even swing a bat without falling over and by all means cannot even hope to come within three feet of hitting a baseball such that it will score a run.

Well done Paul, ground ball scores another run. You gotta IBB Wiggy here, and then pull CC.

One more time.
Luke Scott is such an incompetent hitter, I believe he has already messed his pants contemplating even lifting the bat from his shoulder in the hopes that he might actually swing it.

According to Gameday, the hits are all infield hits.. bah, the game is on ESPN 360 but with a local blackout..

Oh please. I’m saying this about ORIOLES players. Surely I’m not saying anything we can’t all agree with.
Besides, there’s a long tradition here of posting in rivals’ gamers as long as you’re not antagonistic. I don’t see anything antagonistic in anything I’ve posted.

I’m super tired of this BS about “if the other team’s fans did this.” It’s petty and ridiculous. It makes Yankee fans — who are by and large the only ones on this blog who run this tripe out here consistently — look thin-skinned and sensitive, particularly in a thread like this one, where Ath and I seem to be the only ones who care enough about the game to comment, and have kept our comments to factual analysis with some joking around thrown in. In no way have we ridiculed the Yankees, their players, their management or their front office — or their fans. We have commented on the game and obviously are rooting for the Yankees to lose, but doing so respectfully.
If even that level of rivalry is so upsetting, then maybe LoHud or some other all-caps, no-grammar, pro-Yankee game thread is more your style.
In any case, feel free to root against the Sox in our gamers. We can take it.

I’m too lazy to google up past threads, but obviously you’re not the only ones caring enough to comment if I’m here.
Similar comments on Sox threads have consistently gotten people banned and threatened. If the policing is the same then I wouldn’t care.

In either case, Typepad’s awful “Show more comments” except when people post to induce people posting is too annoying to continue a thread of any size.

It’s also nice of you to psychoanalyze fans over the internets. Because that makes you look smart or something.

Can’t argue with that. It’s terrible. The only redeeming value is that if you post something and his refresh shrotly after, it will take you back to your last comment and not make you hit “Show more” after every 25th post.

Now I’m posting stupid without really thinking just to see the bottom of the comments.

Yahoo Gameday is outrageously slow, and ESPN Gamecast is making me watch a commerical every few minutes. Bah.

Okay, I’m really done, mostly because I’m really being stupid today, and other being this commenting system is pretty awful. Maybe I’ll sign in if the Yanks somehow manage win, but bah.

For the record, here’s a comment in a Sox thread that SF wrote to the present Yankee fans:
Sorry, I should also add thanks to the YFs who frequent these parts too – sincerely appreciate the smart commentary from our regulars!
Of course, we then banned them all for sullying our magnificent thread.

Thanks DW, please refer to the above conversation about posting in the opposite team’s gamer. If you dont have anything constructive to say please go away.
Incidentally, opening day may be of the least meaningful games of the year.

wow. swisher is still acting like he got the game winning walk off homer in the seventh game of the world series in the dugout. when in all actuality he was fooled on the pitch and was lucky to make contact. uhg.

sorry. didn’t mean for that to come off snarky or incendiary in your all’s thread.

> show recent comments
This is the number one frustration we currently have with TypePad. We could invert the order to show newest first, but that’s a horrible option in our opinion. If you use Firefox, there’s a way to do it with a greasemonkey script; I’ll try to make it available shortly. Otherwise, no dice. We are truly sorry about this.

To be honest, AG, I realize its downside but newest first is better. No way this format supports a game thread, and that’s what’s best about YFSF (with the appropriate moderator, of course). I can’t see wasting so much time waiting, clicking ‘next’, waiting, clicking ‘next’, waiting, clicking ‘next’, waiting… for a whole damn year of Sox success and Yankee ineptitude. Pretty sorry as it is, if you ask me.

FYI, it seems that clicking on the “most recent comment” on the left sidebar is now, finally, taking me to the actual most recent comment, and therefore I don’t have to keep hitting ‘show more comments’. Not sure if this will last. I hope it does, for obvious reasons.
I am browsing on Safari, for the record.

Ath, click on the name of the commenter instead of the name of the thread. I’d never tried that before, but it works or me, too. Though I too am using Safari.

I saw part of the game at the gym last night – those wild pitches should, IMO, have been past balls. Don’t know who else had a visual on it, but Posada wasn’t doing CC any favors with those two pitches (of course, had CC been “on” the point is moot).
Wondering if anyone else thought that about them

Thanks for the info dw. Gameday showed a lot of good pitches called for balls against Sabathia too. Did it look like he was getting squeezed to you?

It appeared that the ump was calling a high strike – and was consistent with both teams. I wouldn’t say he had a small strike zone. I did only see the past balls on replay, though, and started watching after CC was pulled.

Looks like Yanks fans should have crossed their fingers a little harder. If nothing else, hope springs eternal on opening day at Camden Yards.

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