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You Stay Classy: Padres-Sox Gamer

Andrew Miller gets his first start for the Sox, who host Wade LeBlanc and San Diego at Fenway tonight.  Comment away.

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How does a pitcher throw 40 pitches in the first inning and only give up one run?
Ask Darnell and Marco, who ruined that inning.

Seriously Theo, anyone has to be better than Mike Cameron. How long do we have to watch his sorry ass keep playing baseball? He is so done.

I’m sorry, if you bring a rubber chicken in a Sox shirt you shouldn’t get front row seats down by the traps…sorry inside note if you are watching NESN feed

Anyone that watched the game have any thoughts on Miller? I only saw bits and pieces on MLB Network. I still think this kid (long term) has a shot to be very, very good. Been a fan since college, too bad he plays for the enemy now.

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