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You Won’t Be in First for Long…

It's Yanks-Sox.  Colon-Lester.  What's at stake?  The best record in the American League, bragging rights (until tomorrow anyway), and my emotional and physical health (until tomorrow anyway)…

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Lester looks un-hittable…3 straight K’s. K’s Cano on 3 pitches. 1 out.
We aren’t playing the O’s or White Sox anymore.
Lester could throw a perfect game.

2011 Gardner vs. lefty starters:
.250 / .370 / .687
2011 Gardner vs. righty starters:
.285 / .354 / .767
2011 Jones vs. lefty starters:
.250 / .333 / .833
I’ll take Gardner’s 40 point-higher OBP given that a single is a double for him anyway.
CAREER – Gardner vs. Lester
6PA: .167 / .167 / .333
CAREER – Jones vs. Lester
19 PA: .267 / .368 / .835 / 1HR / 6K / 3BB
OK. Maybe Girardi has a point, though 6 PA is a pretty meager sample.
Whatever, prove us all wrong Andruw by knocking a couple over that mostrosity in left…

Muscle pops out to the infield…which means no damage in the 2nd…Posada is coming to the plate. He’s an automatic out and an embarrassment to the Yankees.

And of course Posada K’s…looks at a pitch right down the middle.
Can Bartolo keep up the pace??? Doubtful.
I would bet the Sox score 2 runs this inning.

I really wish Posada would have some fucking pride and just retire. He is completely worthless. He brings nothing to the team.
At least this is the last year we will have to watch his sorry ass.

Do you not get MLB Network dusty??? I think it’s on there…
Eduardo took out Ratatouille BIG TIME to break up the DP on Jeter’s ground ball…

I don’t have the MLB Network. I’m kind of a cheapskate when it comes to TV. It takes away from beer money. I would go to a bar and watch this, but the weather is crazy awful and I don’t even want to drive in it.

Reddick rips a single…
Here we go.
I started looking up our record against AL contenders…but I got depressed after we were 6-12 and quit.

Is that Iphone only? I have a Blackberry.
I’ll probably get soon. I do have a PS3 and I’ve been told you can stream games from it. I need to double-check that, though.

Started watching the away broadcast. Now watching the home broadcast so at least it sounds like someone is enjoying the game, because I’m not. Lester is making the Yankees look foolish.

Tex grounds out to increase his stellar $20 million batting average…
Cano K’s like an asshole on three pitches no where near the strike zone…
Swish K’s too…
Complete game shutout for Lester is a foregone conclusion.
Bartolo is going to get lit up this inning.
I’m out.
Fuck this team.
We are a joke. Too bad we can’t play the fucking O’s and White Sox in the playoffs.

One thing I’ve noticed about Salty is he waits until the pitcher is in his windup before setting up a target. I’m sure it doesn’t bother the pitchers or I would think he wouldn’t be doing it.

Nice to come back to a lead, however slim.
Will Girardi go to Soriano in the 7th? He hasn’t had much work since coming back, and my memories of him pre-injury are, shall we say, vomit-inducing.

lord. Soriano will come in in the bottom half. Pu tit this way: insurance runs are an absolute must here. I do NOT trust him. And am surprised Girardi is going back to him with so few pitches under his belt since returning. Then again, I don’t question Girardi when it comes to bullpen management…

Nice stat – only 21 players in history have scored more runs than Jeter. There’s a good career stat on him pretty much every night nowadays. And Nunez picked off on the pitchout. So after raving about the Yanks’ steal percentage they’ve been picked what, 3 times tonight? Blah.

So the Yanks are into Robertson/Mariano with the lead. That’s as much as you can hope for coming into Fenway. No one is automatic against the meat of this order, but this is about as much as we could have hoped for come the 8th inning.

Agreed Atheose.
So here comes the real drama – Robertson, who has been great but whose M.O. has been to get in himself into and then out of major jams, vs. the meat of the sox order. Here we go…

I will never understand how Pedroia maintains such great BAs with that swing. I don’t think it is physically possible for someone that size to swing harder than that.
1 out. AGon. Scary time…

To answer my own question, Ortiz has faced Mo 33 times. He has hit a very impressive .323 off him with 10 hits, 2 walks, 5 Ks, and 1 HR.
And now BABIP returns the favor to the Sox. Cano laced that ball, but Reddick chases it down. 1 out.

Karma + ump beats karma every time.
Revolting strike zone this game…..the ump is giving the pitcher pitches that Lester never got, and that is the difference in the game……… oh yes, let’s not forget a MOST unclutch performance by Gonzo.
Back to making dumplings

Very economical and reliable dish……3lb pork, scallions, Chinese cabbage, carrots, dill, ginger root and 2TBs sugar, all mixed up in sesame oil.
I like them cooked in oil with a spoon of water to steam them, although I admit that boiling them is healthier.
They taste great with Xingjiang vinegar
I learned to make them when I lived in a West Philly tenement with a Chinese family for 2 years in the ’90s….the good old days.
Unfortunately, they cannot cure the depression brought on by this game………

0-2 to Reddick. Neither Salty nor Reddick had ever faced him before — didn’t know that. Punched out! Yes!!!!! About flipping time we beat these guys. Not thrilled about Bartolo, but not horrible either.
Nice pen-usage by Girardi. I would not have trusted Boone Logan let alone Soriano, but the pen came up huge.
Did not expect to see first place again this season – seriously.

Girardi’s decision to put Logan in is one of the smartest decisions made by a Yanks manager in recent history. Without looking at it, I’m guessing that was the highest leverage moment of the game. So he throws convention out the window and goes high leverage. Kudos to Joe. He gets the game ball.
I arrived in the US with the Yanks in second. I leave with them in first. Kudos to me.

but doesn’t it feel, what’s the word? “Academic”, dabize. I mean I was super relaxed this whole game because basically we both have the postseason wrapped up. It was a good game but it didn’t have that tension for me that it would have had if it really mattered.

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