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Youkilis to White Sox

The Globe reports the deal is done with Chicago, with Boston picking up 4.6M on Youk’s contract while receiving Zach Stewart and Brent Lillibridge.

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AG – yep, last player from 04 is Ortiz and he wasn’t playing. Nice move by the Sox to pull Youk after the triple, he was able to get accolades from the crowd and give his teammates one final high-five/hug and come out of the game.
If the Red Sox ate a bunch of his remaining salary this year the deal is in the White Sox favor, if Chicago took on the remaining of this year’s salary then it was an OK trade.

So I’ve spent the last few weeks over at commenting (considering I’ve been blasting every post with logic and reason you may call it trolling) on the Extra Bases blog. Other than needing a shower I’ve come to the realization on a couple of things:
1. There are so many unreasonable Red Sox fans that I’m truly surprised there hasn’t been a march with torches and pitchforks on Fenway.
2. Even if I’m the only one posting here on this site, it is light years more intelligent than the posts on
Yeesh – there are actual Red Sox fans that don’t see moving Noma…er Youk as a good move.

Is the Youk trade the Nomar trade of 2004? I doubt it, but some similarities. Both career Sox players, both well likes by the fans. Both considered clubhouse problems on the team. One move helped the team during the season, what will the other do?
I’m sure Nomar would have loved to have the send off, but he decided to sit on the bench while Jeter decided to dive in to the stands after a foul ball.

This is a “must” move by the Red Sox. And if Youkilis gets healthy and kills it the rest of the year for Chicago, he’ll get a good contract next year. Keeping him in Boston would not have done anyone any favors.

Agreed AG, with the drop off here I’m having to resort to commenting on to at least get a bit of back and forth (and I feel dirty after each session). I’m going to try and pick up the slack on the gamers at least. Got a new laptop (wife monopolizes the other) and hope to be able to at least fill out some of the Sox side of YFSF at least until the end of the season hits and hopefully some of the regulars get back.

I’ve still watched (though I often jump in a few innings late these days), enjoying or enduring, depending on the game…not much time these days with moving, new job, etc.
I’ll miss ya, Youk. I think of the inside-the-park HR, the amazing 2007 ALCS (he hit .500), and the last, tenuous, non-Papi connection to ’04.

I don’t think it’s comparable to Nomar; the Red Sox received some good pieces in return that year, whereas they received absolutely nothing in return for Youk.
It really stings, but it’s a move that had to be done. The Sox couldn’t keep Youk on the team as a bench player, and with his contract ending Youk deserves a chance to be a full-time player to earn a good contract next year. But man am I going to miss him.

I didn’t want to be the first to say it because coming from a YF it would be hard to read as anything but a dig, but I have to agree with Atheose. I don’t think you can factor in Middlebrooks’ salary when evaluating the quality of the Youk trade, BB. They already had Middlebrooks at that salary before the trade. You have to look at what they get in return for Youkilis, and on that score they seem to have gotten very little other than a continuing large payment on his salary while he plays for Chicago. That being said, the other way to evaluate it is whether this was addition by subtraction and all indications are that it is, largely based on Youkilis’ not-so-hidden displeasure at the current regime in Boston and his reduced playing time.
SFs have got to be pretty excited to see what they’ve got in Middlebrooks. There really is little in the game that is a much fun to witness as a star emerging on your team. But as for this move, it seems to me that it was at best a high price to pay to get rid of a problem and little more than that. I have to imagine it is a big relief for Valentine.

From everything I’ve read today, it seem that the Chicago deal was the best they were going to get. That makes sense to me. If there was a better deal elsewhere they wouldn’t have traded him to a) and AL team, and b) a team that will potentially compete with them for the WC.
Also, if they waited until closer to the trading deadline, and Youk doesn’t improve offensively the market will get awfully small for his services. Better players will be made available from teams looking to cut salary. Actually think this is the best they could get for him at this time, or at any time.

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