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Only if they can extract the suck out of Ortiz/Lowell/Ellsbury.
Then the only problems left would be: Beckett’s suspension, Lester’s Buchholz impression, Daisuke’s empty tank, and the fact that we’re using 3rd/4th string shortstops.

I guess on the bright side, our offense showed some life yesterday and our bullpen was fantastic. 10 straight scoreless innings, 5 hits, 3 walks, 12 strikeouts.

I think we’ll see Dice-K on the DL, Masterson starting, and Bard coming up for bullpen.
for the hitting side… that just stinks. Youk seems to be the only one playing with energy.

Don’t forget Jason Bay. He’s still awesome.
Laughed out loud at the reference though. I’m a huge Stooges fan. Kind of surprising they never did a baseball short though. Their football sketch — featuring a very young Lucille Ball — is a classic.

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