Your New CF

Brett "Gardy" Gardner. Melky to ride the pine in the majors (or will be dealt).

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I prefer Brett “The Constant” Gardner. We can call him Brett the Constant, or The Constant Gardner. Or, for the mathematically inclined, “B” as in B=P/CF where P is performance.
Done now.

Speaking of new, the NY Daily News today has an elaborate insert about the new Toilet Yankee Stadium. YFs may want to check it out.
As a SF, I am just regretting not owning a birdcage.

Other Gardner nicknames under consideration:
* For Soho artsy types:
Brett “Avant” Gardner
* For Boston artsy type:
Brett “Isabella Stewart” Gardner
* For Michelle Obama fans:
Brett “Organic” Gardner
* For horticulturists/ICU doctors:
Brett “Vegetable” Gardner
* And my own preference, for film/literary buffs:
Brett “Chauncey” Gardner

Also, because I don’t feel like doing a full post, it looks like the Sox are going with either Jeff Bailey or Chris Carter as the outfield/1B backup while Kotsay recovers. Great news, and hopefully they’ll perform so well that Kotsay moves on, too.

I hope, for the Sox’s sake, they go with the guy who can actually play the OF/1B positions. Chris Carter is a DH through and through.

I like what Gardner brings to the team, speed, speed and more speed. We need a guy like him in the lineup to manufacture runs. I like Melky but he had his chance and didn’t make the most of it or he isn’t that good. If Gardner can get on base, look out…
Nice to see Girardi mixing it up this season. This YF is getting a little tired of watching the team wait for the 3 run HR’s to score runs.

Yeah, but Carter can hit the ball through and through. He’d be fine at 1B. They really don’t need a fifth OF since Youkilis can go out there in a pinch.

The problem is Youk can only go to left, and the injury concerns are in center and right. Still, I’m inclined to hope Carter gets it — maybe as an irrational reaction from having Kotsay be a vortex of suck every time he went to the plate during the playoffs, but also because it seems if your guy is a backup 1B/corner OF you’re looking for offense over defense anyway.

Sounds like Carter would be something of the designated pinch-hitter, a Ruben Sierra-like player. I can see the reasoning for wanting that, considering Ellsbury, the catcher position, and Lowrie. If injuries pop up, you can just call up Bailey anyway.

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