Zito looks “ordinary at the

Zito looks “ordinary at the moment”, as in on Saturday exclusively, or as in the last month, or as in the last three months? Please clarify. Zito has had three bad starts in his last 13, so I am curious to know what you think is “ordinary”. To me, ordinary is someone like Tim Wakefield or John Garland- a somewhere around a mid-4 ERA, a pace for about 11 or 12 wins, someone who you just don’t know if they give your team a really good chance to win each time they go out – they wouldn’t surprise you if they pitched well, but they also wouldn’t suprise you if they gave up 5 runs in 5 or 6 innings. Please articulate. P.S. Actually, and this will probably come as a major suprise to you (it did to me), Tim Wakefield and Pettitte have nearly identical numbers this year in every category (AP has 4 more wins, though wins are a deceiving stat, just look at how few wins Pedro has). P.P.S. I know how much you hate numbers, so I will at least qualify my last factoid with the assertion that I would much prefer to have Andy Pettitte than TW, just so you don’t think I am off my rocker…

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